Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hats off to the Terps - Cal needs to reconsider BCS nonconference road games

Quick impressions, more analysis later. Two major conclusions:

1. Maryland had Cal very well scouted, they played focused and motivated, and they deserved to win this game.

Maryland had Cal's offense scouted cold. They rarely bit on any play, they got a ton of pressure, and they clamped down on the run. Cal made some adjustments, but I thought Maryland played and coached superbly. Even if Cal came out firing, they were going to have their work cut out for them today.

2. Cal continues to come out unfocused, flat, and shell-shocked in nonconference road games against BCS teams, especially when favored.

The good Tedford teams never seem to show the country what they can really do in these games. For whatever reason, they leave their A game at home on these roadies. As such, I do really see these games as no-win situations for Cal, especially because it always seems to be favored in these games. Cal would do better to stay out west, get some wins, get into conference play which is tough enough, and then gear up for bowl games. They do much better in bowl games with more time to prepare. The team just looked totally and completely unprepared to play fast from the first snap, just like vs Tennessee. And the reward was total emasculation for three quarters. Whatever the reason, it is clearly a pattern and it is undeniable at this point. No reason why Cal shouldn't rethink scheduling these games.


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