Monday, September 1, 2008

MSU Coach day-after quotes

State coach Mark Dantonio held a brief news conference late Sunday night to review the Spartans' 38-31 loss at California one day earlier.

"We've got to regroup a little bit," he said. "When you go away and play a good football team like Cal ... you can't make mistakes. The one thing we have to look at is we left too many points off the board, especially in the first quarter, where we had the punt blocked for a touchdown ... and the opening."

On the MSU defense wearing down in the second half: "Defensively, we got out of our gaps some. We faced a very good offensive line -- one of the better ones that we've seen, certainly since I've been here."

"We didn't hit the quarterback enough. We tried to pressure him and didn't get home. ... The 80-yard touchdown run was a deal where some people had a gap issue and the defense got cut off. So yeah, it's disappointing. I sort of felt like the momentum was swinging our way a little bit. I know we'd get close, then they'd make a play."

On the running game's struggles: "(Cal) shut it down a little bit. We worked extremely hard for the yards that we got. Javon (Ringer) ran very well. ... We have to get better production out of our blocking concepts. There were some unknowns going into that game as to what type of defense we'd see. They did a nice job tackling in space and they put the people up there to stop the run. They were pretty effective at doing that."


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