Friday, November 21, 2008

Great Quotes by Montgomery

(I realize it's Big Game week, but we do actually have a basketball program to look forward to this season, so here's a little reading on them until I can get the Big Game preview up.)

Cal gets its third win, blowing out Texas Pan-American, and comes within 1 minute of setting a school record for FG percentage, shooting 67.9% (they were at 70% with about 1 minute left). Montgomery's post game quotes? In a word, refreshingly unsatisfied. No Braun coach-speak, no exuberance over shooting over 60% for the third game in a row (which is pretty impressive). Just plain desire to get better defensively. I like this guy already. Quotes below:

"One of our goals is to never give anybody 20 points and he went 9-for-12, scored 21 points, you can't be very happy about that," said Montgomery.

"In the first half, they shoot 55%. I don't think we've been in a game where we have held a team under 50%, that's a concern. At least we turned them over 12 times. Second half, 44%, that's closer to what we need to be targeting. A fair percentage of their shots came off loose balls where we didn't compete for them. They got loose balls and that skewed the percentages a little bit."

"We took some charges, stripped some balls, but there's a whole lot of work to do. It's a process. Good defense takes time - it takes years. Even if they are juniors, if they haven't had that mentality, it takes a while to get that. It doesn't take anything away from the offense. On the defensive end, you [have to] become a sumo wrestler. Defense is street fighting mentality; on the offensive end, you can be a virtuoso."


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