Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Le Big Game...C'est Magnifique!

Everything sounds ridiculous when it is said in French. Even the Big Game. However, this is a pretty nice videography of "Le Big Game" by a Frog who clearly has an affinity for this little piece of Americana.

I have always maintained that, for all their disdain of American vulgarity, the French are actually closet Americaphiles. While cursing Americans as being uncouth and lacking in culture, the French secretly covet some of our most idiosyncratic cultural treasures, such as jazz and Hollywood. Whatever. The French have been saying one thing and doing exactly the opposite for hundreds of years. So laugh and enjoy the show (be sure to keep the sound on for the full effect).


Anonymous said...

Absolutely f-ing awesome...and hilarious.

SD said...

This guy probably won some French documentary film award for this. Classic french silliness.

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