Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The $2 Million Man

Washington is going to pay Nick Holt $2 million over three years to be its defensive coordinator. Link.

You know you are serious when you win a bidding war with the USC, a program that has elevated the concept of throwing money at a problem to an art form. Washington is the Alabama of the west, period. To pay a defensive coordinator $600,000 per year, plus a $200,000 up front retention bonus, says one thing loud and clear: win at all costs. It is no secret the Husky football fan base is easily the most intense, rabid (and irrational) in the western conferences. To them, this is completely acceptable, and long overdue.

I actually think Sarkisian, Holt and Michalczik will get UW back on the winning track in the next three years. Whether they unseat Cal, Oregon and OSU as the chief challengers to USC remains to be seen. But this is a great hire for UW, and along with Michalczik, certainly means UW will be a tough opponent, both on the field and in recruiting.

As an aside, what must Michalczik be thinking? Just weeks removed from calling his $350k salary an offer he couldn't refuse (and it was), he is now paid just over half what the other coordinator is being paid. Wonder if he thinks he left money on the table.

Kinda the same deal he had at Cal - he was paid just over half what Gregory was paid. But just like at Cal, he isn't going to be calling the plays. All in all, huge raise and opportunity to make a name for himself, with the same responsibilities. I doubt he's complaining.


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