Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shane Vereen 2008 Highlights

As much of a home run hitter as Best is, Vereen actually looks more like a prototypical Ron Gould tailback, methodical and balanced, adept at avoiding crushing blows, slipping off tackles, and always falling forward for a few extra yards whenever possible. I have always felt that is the silent killer of Ron Gould's method - his tailbacks always find a way to stumble, lunge, or crab walk forward for an extra yard or two while being tackled. This is demoralizing for the defenders when they keep seeing the spot two yards ahead of where they made the initial hit, time after time. Arrington was a master at this.

As polished as Vereen is now, keep in mind the kid has three more years. Thinking back to the leaps and bounds Forsett made from 2005 to 2007, it is safe to say Vereen has a heck of a career ahead of him.

Another nice job by Danzig. Enjoy.

Shane Vereen 2008 from david cutcliff on Vimeo.


Ken Crawford said...

Well said. I have been saying all year (at least in the stands) that if we need 2 yards and we're going between the tackles, I'd rather have Vereen than Best. His footword and ability to shift a little bit so to keep his forward progres after the hit are better than Best who really is at his best in the open field.

You know who else is exceptional at this? All of Oregon State's backs. There have been WAY too many OSU games over the years where it feels like the Bear defense is where it needs to be but somehow those 1 yard gains were really 3 by the time the ref placed the ball.

SD said...

Great point about OSU Ken. OSU and Cal are more similar than Cal fans would like to admit, from being well coached, to choking in early non-conference games, to having a long Rose Bowl drought. And Riley and Tedford are actually somewhat similar in their philosophies.

Totally agree about Vereen vs. Best in short yardage. I think Vereen has a chance to break some records if he stays for his senior year. He's got a lot of Arrington and Forsett qualities, but he's only a RS Soph this season.

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