Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Aaron Rodgers Interview

Aaron Rodgers, Tedford's greatest pupil and undisputedly the if-I-could-just-have-one-Cal-player-never-graduate-and-play-every-year guy, speaks frankly about playing QB under Tedford, and gives some nice kernels of insight if you listen closely.

1. He thinks Cal should have beat USC in 2004. You think that game still sticks with you? Now pretend you were the QB.

2. He says your teammates won't respect you if you laugh as you come off the field throwing an INT. Not sure he's referring to Longshore and Ayoob, both of whom did that. But Rodgers undeniably has the right mental makeup for QB and he's saying good QBs don't do that. Just saying.

3. He says Tedford is a perfectionist, is "fiery," and is no-nonsense, and has elevated the university and made the QB position at Cal into something special. I think those are good adjectives. Then says sometimes you're going to butt heads with coach, but don't lose your cool. Again, is there any question that mental makeup is the most important aspect of playing QB under Tedford?

4. When talking about Arrington's 2000 yard season, he is quick to point out what a fabulous offensive line he had in 2004. No coincidence that was also the best season Tedford's had at Cal.


Anonymous said...

"Tedford is a perfectionist"

who can argue with that?

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