Sunday, October 25, 2009

Washington State Highlights (updated)

1. Mr. Reliable, PRD74, has posted his camcorder highlights from the stadium. That's right, instead of soaking in the game day experience at sunny memorial, PRD74 (and whomever shot the video below from CGB) burned his deltoids off holding trying to hold a camcorder steady for 4 hours so everyone else could enjoy the game too. Pretty solid camera work too. If there were a silver star for fandom, I would award it to you.

2. Sequence of plays filed from student section. Here's a link a nice sequence of plays from someone's camcorder in the stands - just hit play and the clips will play in sequence. Thanks to the videographer and CGB for putting this together. Link.

3. Cable Recap Highlights.

Cal-WSU 10/24 from Cal98 on Vimeo.

4. Cable Recap Highlights (alt version).


Skipper J said...

i am a huge fan of your site and i can tell you put a lot of effort into your analysis and presentation, which i very much appreciate. but could you put all the videos that are on your side bar onto another page that we can click through to? otherwise, the load time is brutal.


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