Monday, November 2, 2009

ASU Highlights

From Big C (new), and extended highlights from PRD74 - thanks as always for your hard work.


SR said...

Miller turned the wrong way. The ball should have been thrown to his outside shoulder, eliminating the possibility Burfect could get to the ball. The two wide defenders had their back turned chasing two outside receivers. The play could easily have worked.

SD said...

SR - you're right - I think it was more on Vereen, the way he released the ball. Had he thrown it a bit more firmly, Burfict couldn't have gotten there in time. It had to be high to avoid an INT. But it needed to be a bit less loopy, with more zip.

The other part of that play that's a little difficult to appreciate from the camera angles is the effect of Vereen's height. In order to sell run, he has to stay in the pocket. But from inside the pocket, he can't just fire a laser (which would have been impossible to defend) without it getting batted down. So he has to throw it up a bit, but with more of a firm arc.

But it's a devastating play if it works (and it really could have). Now imagine that play could be part of your offense on every snap. That is the essence of offenses like Kelly's and Meyer's. This is why running QBs like Tebow and Masoli are so effective in college football. No matter what the play call is, no matter what the defense does, they always have the ability to exploit the defense's weakness on every play.

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