Monday, November 23, 2009

Big Game Highlights (updated)

[Update: Danzig's vid. Solid as always.]

2009 Big Game from sam walton on Vimeo.

[Update: Highlight video from TouchedTheAxeIn82 and ieeebear. Thank you both.]

For now, Lexus post-game show, from TouchedTheAxeIn82. Thanks for putting this together. My guess is more highlights will be coming throughout the week.


Hans Jacob said...

Had the nailbiting pleasure of seeing the game from the Cal student section. Two questions:
1. Dare we hope that Riley will gain consistency?
2. Are the Pac 10 ref's the worst in College Football? Gerhardt's first touchdown happened partially due to a referee blocking Syd'Quan Thompson.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping he will, but the odds are against it. Stanford's pass defense is lousy. I don't think Riley can see the field very well and he's easily confused. Maybe SD can tell us what he thinks. I'm hoping Sweeney will take over next year. Anybody hear anything about Bridgeford? Maybe he'll be the man.

abraham said...

Lets not forget Mr. Hinder is coming also. Nonetheless I really hope Riley will find some measure of consistency and hold on to the starting job for one more season. We are losing some offensive weapons next year, such as Best and Tucker, but with a consistent returning starter at QB and finally some much needed continuity at offensive coordinator we might finally have some offense next year.

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