Monday, December 7, 2009

Some Tedford QB Footage

Some nice footage of Tedford in action at FSU.


Anonymous said...

I grew up in Fresno and went to FSU games as a kid and watched Tedford a lot. He was the QB that really put Fresno St. on the map as far as an offensive power. I remember coach Sweeney (Beau's grandpa) dialing up a lot of long bombs to Henry Ellard and Stephon Paige. Those teams were very exciting and fun to watch. I was thrilled when he came on board at Cal, it felt like an old friend was moving in.

fred said...

I was lucky enough to see that game in person. Flash fwd 20 yrs or the team day at Cal...JT is still new and can wander around visiting. He's chatting with a few fans when I ups and asks..."Anyone here ever see this guy throw the game-winning TD in a bowl game?" The other guys look at me like I'm nuts...but Jeff just cracks up...then, of course states the obvious, "That was a Lonng time ago!" Great player, great coach.

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