Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Gregory Era Is Over

Big turning of the page in Berkeley today. Rivals is reporting Gregory is leaving and will take a job as a defensive assistant at Boise State. Lots to say about this. For now I'll just say this: I always viewed this as Tedford's most difficult move because he has been so hands off on defense, but I have also always felt that every year he kept the same DC, it diluted his other efforts to change the culture and breathe some freshness into the defensive side of the program. He's got some momentum right now with the talented defensive class he just signed, and he's got some great recruiters on the defensive staff already in place. The right DC can catalyze all of that.

On another note, a heartfelt thank you to Coach Gregory and his family for devoting their time - many long days and nights - to the Cal program the last 8 years. He helped get the Tedford Era off the ground, and he's been a class act from Day 1, which we all know is not a given in the coaching world. Every coach is subject to criticism for game plans and football decisions, and Coach Gregory is no exception. But one thing you cannot say about Gregory is that he is not deserving of every fan's respect. Good man, good coach. Best of luck to him.

All of a sudden, there's something to talk about again.

Link to Rivals story.


mikebogis said...

I can't tell if this is a good thing for cal? I really liked Gregory, but maybe someone with a different outlook will work out better.

Richard Hourula said...

The timing seems a bit odd. You expressed quite well the debt owed to Gregory by Cal fans. I'm hoping the next coach will utilize more aggressive game plans.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are back. Your blog is the most insightful and well written of the Cal blogs and I always enjoy them. Thanks

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