Thursday, August 26, 2010

Depth Chart Announced



1. Sofele as the #2 RB behind Vereen, passing Covaughn DeBoskie-Johnson. I admit I was looking forward to CDJ being the guy, because he seems like a versatile back with a bit more power. But Sofele is an electric runner, and gets to full speed in a hurry, which is what you want in your change-of-pace back. Hopefully CDJ will get in there as well.

2. Freshman Keenan Allen starting at WR. This was inevitable, but still, not since Jackson has a true freshman started at WR from Day 1. If he's as good as advertised, with Miller, Vereen and Jones on the field, the passing game might finally keep defenses honest.

3. Two sophomores - Schwenke and Galas - at guards. Schwenke was not much of a surprise, but Galas is. Both beat out upper classmen. Once Summers-Gavin comes back, there will only be one senior on the line (Guarnero at center). This is a talented group, and should be pretty good the next couple years.

4. Conte at kick-returner. Might not seem like a big deal, but for me, this one is a head scratcher. I am sure he'll be fine, but at 6-3, 212 and playing strong safety, he doesn't exactly scream "take it to the house" when I watch him play. He's a tall, long defensive player who doesn't read blockers and carry the ball week in and week out at practice. And I don't recall him ever returning kicks before. With multiple sub-11 sec. 100M players with ball skills on this roster, this one seems odd to me. I'd guess there will be some other guys in the mix there, so we'll see.

5. Only two seniors starting on offense (three if you count Edwards, but once MSG returns, he will likely be a backup): Riley and Guarnero. The future looks bright on offense.

6. Jarred Price holding down the #2 spot at OLB. I really thought this guy would fall way down the chart with all the faces at linebacker. And maybe as the season wears on, that will happen. But for now, good for him. Love the guy's sack celebration schtick.


Anonymous said...

So glad to see you back... I have been checking this blog practically every day since April. My favorite Cal Football blog.

abraham said...

second that. in a world filled with junk commentary and analysis often based on perceptions drunk with hype and bias, this blog stands as a welcome relief. Example? I was watching the Colts v Packers preseason game last night and was close to breaking my TV listening to one of the analysts talk about Rogers as a QB who is, to paraphrase, the perfect example of the merits of developing QBs the old school way instead of throwing them into the fire as rookies. Rogers is a near-elite(soon to be elite) QB because of all the intangibles he brings to the position, his own God given talents, both physical, mental and emotional. The funny thing is Gruden, the other analysts spent most of the broadcast talking about those intangibles that Rogers has and how one doesn't coach those things but rather you are born with them. Now I agree that sometimes throwing a rookie QB to start prematurely can destroy a player with elite potentials but it will be taking credit away from Rogers to label him as a perfect example of player development, he is simply too special.

Anonymous said...

I agree: welcome back! It was nice to click on my bookmark and see something other than "Spring Scrimmage Videos" at the top of the page.

BTW, abraham: It's R-o-d-g-e-r-s, with a "d"

Maxer said...

Re: Conte -- I think I read somewhere (Okanes maybe) that Conte is going to be the "off" returner -- ie mostly a blocker for the primary returner... might explain it a bit.

Anonymous said...

It's great to see another post in time for the season. Ever since reading your rant on Harbaugh hubris - maybe the best blog post on Cal football ever - I've been checking weekly (lately daily) for posts. It's nice to hear your thoughts on the o-line. Isi's looking stacked enough this fall that I see him breaking through a couple tackles, especially DBs, when he lowers his pads. Remember that special teams hit up in Minneapolis? Doubt Conte will handle the ball much.

Anonymous said...

yes....welcome back to the scene... many of the posters on Bear Insider are eager to start reading you analysis......and thanks in advance for all your insight and time given to Cal football

SD said...

Glad to be back everyone. And yes, since I posted this, I saw that Genyk intends to use Conte as a blocker. So that answers that question. Still raises questions on line drive kicks, and on giving the cover teams something to think about in terms of who is going to get the return. But who cares, right? Aren't we all just happy we're starting over on special teams? Genyk could tell me that Mitchell Schwartz was back there returning, and I'd drink to that.

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