Monday, September 13, 2010

Some Nevada film

For an early look at Nevada, here are some clips from last year's games against Missouri, Notre Dame, and Boise St. Missouri beat them in Reno 31-21, Notre Dame beat them in South Bend 35-0, Boise beat them in Boise 44-33. Other notable Nevada scores from 2009: lost to Colorado St. in Fort Collins 35-20 and lost to SMU in the Hawaii Bowl 45-10. This season, they whipped a very bad Colorado State team 51-6 team in a rematch at home, and beat Eastern Washington (who was breaking in a new QB) 49-24 at home.

Obviously, what you will see from the Missouri clips (pro-Nevada film) is a QB who is very dangerous if he gets a full head of steam with the ball in his hands, and backs and OL that get to their spots very quickly and decisively. The offense deceives the defense, gets it out of position, and forces quick decisions. It takes discipline and speed to beat this offense, especially on the edges.

What you will see from the pro-Notre Dame clips is what can frustrate them when they have the ball. Note that ND's TDs were all pretty well thrown balls, with good coverage.

Then there's the pro-Boise videos, which show how an offense carved Nevada up. But note that Boise still gave up 33 to Nevada at home.

Some Colorado post-game thoughts, and more Nevada thoughts to come.


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