Thursday, September 18, 2008

Maryland Highlights (yes there actually were some)

Two-part highlights, courtesy of PRD74 (whoever you are) on Youtube:

Part 1

Part 2


DavisZabb said...

when you string it all together like that, you start to wonder why we lost! If Riley can be that in synch with his receivers for the whole game, the Bears will be unstoppable. Riley passed for over half of his yards (239 of 423) and threw all three of his touchdowns in the fourth quarter. How can they get him to play like that the whole game?

SDGoldenBear said...

daviszabb - more than most, these clips were truly "highlights" and cearly omitted some uglies. But when I rewatched the game, what I saw was just ill-timed mistakes by just about everyone: bad passes by Riley, missed blocks by the o-line, whiffs by the defense, the list goes on. Against a motivated, well-prepared team on the road, those mistakes just killed us.

I think Riley will settle down as the season wears on. He definitely seems like a guy that needs to stop thinking and just play. Once he gets more comfortable with the offense, it will become instinctive. One thing I'd love to see, though I doubt we will, is the hurry-up offense at random points in the game. Riley seems to thrive in it, and Maryland seemed pretty disoriented once we really started moving quickly.

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