Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some Thursday reading

CC Times today

-Kevin Riley returns to practice - the Cal staff is pretty cautious with injuries, but I hope they don't rush him back. USC will be trying to take his head off, so he needs to be sharp.

-Rulon Davis will suit up after a freakishly fast recovery - he broke his foot vs ASU, had surgical pin inserted, and is now back on the field. It is a huge boost to have him back. Depth and fresh legs in the 4Q is so important versus USC, because that is when they will try to wear you down by running the ball or beating you with a big play. That is where their talent edge has typically been the difference for them in close games.

-It looks like RS Freshman Justin Cheadle will start again at RG - word is Malele is still hurting. That makes two 2d year players starting at guard. Interesting matchup. As good as USC's defense is, their "weakest" area is at defensive tackle. Their NT Spicer is banged up, and the backup Tupou is a freshman. Of course, the other tackle is Fili Moala, a probable first or second round pick. Still, of all the years to be starting a couple greenhorns at guard versus USC, this might be the one.

Also, a good read on how USC’s players view the Cal game - have to admit, it doesn't sound like they're looking past us, but I guess we'll find out soon enough.


danzig said...

I fixed the Oregon game. Corrected some mistakes because of some technical problems. Here's the new vid with the correct frame size and de-interlaced.

SDGoldenBear said...

Thanks Danzig. By the way, what format do you start with for your highlights? Are you using TiVo and VideoReDo? Your video quality is silly.

danzig said...



I'll tell you if you tell me what your username on CGB is.

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