Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Too Much Hubris in the Nation of Troy?

1. Current Vegas line: USC -20

2. 2 of the last 3 LA Times Headlines yesterday and today re USC:

When Destiny Comes Calling, USC Has Control Issues
(regarding USC's Rose Bowl chances)

USC Shouldn't Blame BCS System
(regarding USC's BCS chances)

3. 90% of the questions Pete Carroll answered at the weekly press conference were about the BCS, the schedule, the weakness of the Pac10, and subjects other than Cal.

I'd say the focus in Trojan land is not squarely, 100% on the Bears. Sure, USC can afford to be a bit cocky given how good they are. And yes, some of the BCS talk probably doesn't faze USC players as much because they deal with it every year. But things just seem to be setting up for USC to be looking past Cal a bit.

Personally, I think Tedford is more suited to the underdog role. I think his players relax and play their best then. And in particular, I think this defense has played its worst when it is favored or overconfident, especially on the road. Since this team feeds off the defense, and the defense clearly isn't heading into this game with that mindset, it sets up well for Cal to possibly shock USC a bit, a little bit the way Oregon State did, and Stanford did last year.


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