Friday, January 23, 2009

Boateng Highlights 2008

Boateng really started to come into his own as the season wore on. The thing I like about both him and Tucker is their toughness combined with their size and speed. A lot of smaller receivers are tough, but you can't hit them high over the middle even if they are willing, because they can't jump high enough, or even if they can, they'll get killed. Boateng can get up there, but he can also take a hit. And a lot of big receivers are tough, but they are slow. Cal has never really had a combination of all three under Tedford. McArthur was tough and got open, and was big, but not tall. Lyman was big and fast, but he had a lot of injury problems so he never really got going.

And then of course, there's the blocking, something Boateng (and all these Cal receivers) have been quoted as taking high pride in. They're looking to knock defenders' heads off, which is kind of rare among the biggest prima donna position in all of football. Cignetti and Tedford have a lot of nice angle block and crackback plays that Tedford could not run the last couple years because they required hits on linebackers and defensive ends. Can you imagine Robert Jordan trying to crack back on Rulon Davis or Zack Follett?

With a year under their belt and a season to work on route running, I expect this group to improve considerably next year. There's a lot to be said for thinking back on situations and plays during your first season and wishing you had done certain things differently. Not only is it a good teaching tool, it's also great motivation during offseason workouts. I have a good feeling about this group of receivers next season.

Another great video by Danzig. Enjoy.


SF_Bear said...

I think Nyan will have his breakout year in 2009 as well. One of my fav plays of 2008 was his crackback on a MD LBer. Dude was down for the count. Definitely eased the pain of being there in person.

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