Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's Official: Steve Marshall to Coach O-Line

Smiling is for pussies. Get any closer with that camera and I'll feed it to you.

The maulers have a new teacher: Steve Marshall, currently in his second year as offensive line coach for the Cleveland Browns, and with the Houston Texans before that. There have been rumors that he was the guy for a while, and Tedford has been telling recruits that he'd be introducing them to the new coach for some time.

My first thought is that bringing in an o-line coach with some NFL background is excellent. That's not only what the top recruits are looking for, it gives the new coach instant credibility with his players. Moreover, Cal runs a pro-style offense, which is based off the run. Now they have a former NFL QB coach and coordinator, and a former NFL offensive line coach. Throw in recruits who have NFL potential, and you have the ingredients for a powerhouse offense.

Another thing I noticed that is good news is this guy was originally on Saban's staff at Alabama. That says two big things: (1) he's a good coach, or else Nick Saban would not have hired him, and (2) he's a good recruiter, or else Nick Saban would most definitely not have hired him. Aside from Saban, he has worked for some programs that have had big time offensive line talents, in Tennessee and Virginia Tech.

Also, though he's jumped around a lot, which is not always a good sign, the fact that he is coming back to college game, tells you he at least appreciates the college atmosphere, and at best, realizes that is where he wants to be. Guys like that love to work for guys like Tedford, because as college coaches go, he's among the most well-respected in the game.

Finally, the guy's picture alone speaks volumes. Um, perhaps don't take any more pictures of Marshall unless you're behind some plexiglass. The man clearly has the sense of humor of a rabid dog. Cal's o-line needs a coach like that. It's not enough to be aggressive and intense as an o-lineman. You need to be petty and bitter. It's more than just beating your man. You need to take some dark pleasure in taking a guy out with a vicious hit, maybe stepping on a hand here or there, or blindsiding a linebacker. The Cal line had that in 2003-2005 with ROC, Merz, Robertson, etc, but since then, other than Mack relishing pushing a guy into the ground and then laying on the fatty and driving his legs, I have seen that attitude diminish a bit among the rest of the linemen. Got a feeling Marshall will restore some of that.

His bio below, with a link to the Cal press release after:

Steve Marshall is entering his second season as offensive line coach. Marshall was named the Cleveland Browns offensive line coach on Jan. 26, 2007. Last season, Marshall witnessed his offensive line become the foundation for an explosive offense and rank tied for third fewest sacks (19) allowed in the NFL. Marshall also worked with rookie LT Joe Thomas, as he became only the fourth NFL rookie to earn Pro Bowl honors.

Marshall brings an impressive depth of coaching experience to the Browns having served successful stints at several colleges and in the NFL. Marshall came to Cleveland from the University of Alabama and Nick Saban’s staff. Marshall spent the 2006 season out of coaching after serving four seasons with the Houston Texans (2002-05). Marshall joined the Texans as an assistant offensive line coach for two years (2002-03) before being named offensive line coach by the Texans (2004-05).

Prior to joining the Texans, Marshall spent the 2000-01 seasons as offensive line coach at the University of Colorado under head coach Gary Barnett. During that period, the Buffaloes won one Big 12 Conference championship and one Big 12 Conference North Division title. Prior to his stint with the Buffaloes, Marshall spent two seasons (1998-99) at the University of North Carolina as offensive coordinator and offensive line coach and earned an appearance in the 1998 Las Vegas Bowl.

Marshall joined the Tar Heels after he coordinated the Texas A&M offense in 1997. The Aggies were 9-4 with a No. 20 final national ranking in the Associated Press poll, made a Big 12 championship game appearance and earned a berth in the Cotton Bowl. While at Texas A&M, Marshall coached current Browns RG Seth McKinney, and other NFL linemen including Steve McKinney and Rex Tucker, brother of Browns Ryan Tucker.

A native of Vernon, Conn., Marshall played offensive guard and tight end at Louisville in 1976-78. He coached the offensive line and kicking game at Marshall in 1982-83, offensive tackles and tight ends at Louisville in 1984, and coordinated the offense and coached the line at Murray State in 1985-86.

He coached the offensive line at Virginia Tech in 1987 and a year later was promoted to offensive coordinator, a position he held for the next five seasons (through the 1992 season). While at Virginia Tech, Marshall coached standouts including running back Vaughn Hebron, quarterback Will Furrer, wide receiver Antonio Freeman, former Browns guard Jim Pyne and former New England first round choice, lineman Eugene Chung.

In 1993, Marshall moved to the University of Tennessee to coach the offensive line. After two years he was given the added responsibility of running game coordinator. The Volunteers led the Southeastern Conference in rushing in each of those three seasons. In 1995, Tennessee beat Ohio State in the Citrus Bowl and finished No. 2 in the final coach’s poll. In 1996, Marshall coached the offensive line at UCLA before moving on to Texas A&M.

Marshall was born June 20, 1956, in Hartford, Conn. Marshall earned his bachelor’s degree in physical education from Louisville. Marshall is married to his wife, Karin.

Coaching Background:
1979 Plymouth State, offensive line coach
1980-81 University of Tennessee, assistant offensive line
1982-83 Marshall, offensive line and kicking game coach
1984 University of Louisville, offensive line coach and tight ends coach
1985-86 Murray State, offensive coordinator and offensive line coach
1987 Virginia Tech, offensive line coach
1988-92 Virginia Tech, offensive coordinator and offensive line coach
1993 University of Tennessee, offensive line coach
1994-95 University of Tennessee, offensive line coach and running game coordinator
1996 UCLA, offensive line coach
1997 Texas A&M, offensive coordinator/offensive line coach
1998-99 University of North Carolina, offensive coordinator/offensive line coach
2000-01 University of Colorado, offensive line coach
2002-03 Houston Texans, assistant offensive line coach
2004-05 Houston Texans, offensive line coach
2007-08 Cleveland Browns, offensive line coach

Cal Press Release


Lawrence said...

Doesn't Steve Marshall look like he could deliver a version of Liam Neeson's line from Taken?

"I have no money. But I have offensive line skill that are a nightmare for defenses like yours."

SD said...

Nice. I definitely see Marshall in the dark film room with fourteem empty styrofoam coffee cups, bloodshot eyes, and a bottle of mylanta at the ready, chuckling to himself about how he is going to expose next week's defense.

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